Locally Owned and Operated

Why is it important that we are locally owned and operated? Because, as part of our community of the Valley of the Sun, we understand how to provide what you need.

Polly Morris opened Medical Supplies of Scottsdale because she saw that there was no medical supplies store that filled the niche of a friendly local store.

Polly holds a master’s degree in social work. She owns and operates a customized in-home healthcare business, Hyde Park Home Healthcare Professionals. In serving her Hyde Park clients, she could not find a store that offered them the products they needed when they needed it.

Polly opened Medical Supplies of Scottsdale with the philosophy filling the void in the Valley. You will find Polly in the store ready to help you and answer your questions. Medical Supplies of Scottsdale keep extended hours 7 days a week and are available 24/7 by phone in case you need something immediately. This way, you never have to worry about running out of a necessary medical item.

We invite you to visit Medical Supplies of Scottsdale anytime to learn about the products we offer. Having a local store that allows you to see the products in person and to consult with someone knowledgeable is far superior than looking at a photo on-line.

We will deliver to your home and offer in-home consultations for your convenience. Why is having a store that is locally owned and operated important? Because even in the 21st century, old-fashioned customer service never goes out of style

10810 N Tatum Blvd Unit 118